Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

To invest in the continuous improvement of our skills and technologies in order to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities in an ever-changing global marketplace.

Our Organizational Values

Belvedere Trading developed its Core Values as we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Every employee was involved in sharing their ideas and expectations of what values we hold in high regard. As we have grown and advanced, we have learned how meaningful these Core Values are to us, both as a firm and as individuals. Our Core Values are important to us because they support our unified vision, shape our culture and truly reflect what we value. Our Core Values are the essence of our identity and we appreciate each and every employee for their exemplification of these values.

  • Commitment to Excellence – Perform at the highest level, exemplifying individual ownership
  • Team Belvedere – Succeed through teamwork and seek the best from others
  • Me in Team – Expect merit-based responsibilities and compensation
  • Entrepreneurial Contributions – Impact the firm outside of our primary responsibilities
  • Intellectual Curiosity – Grow through learning and educating
  • Iterative Change – Achieve the ideal through incremental steps
  • Innovation & Reinvention – Embrace and drive change
  • Passionate Discourse – Communicate competing ideas