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Northwestern University: 42.048932, -87.680722
University of Chicago: 41.788014, -87.595534
Notre Dame: 41.702871, -86.231143
University of Michigan: 42.291219, -83.717655
University of Illinois: 40.109246, -88.227259
Washington University: 38.646857, -90.310329
Duke University: 36.002896, -78.942342
Columbia University: 40.807536, -73.962573
Bates College: 44.105722, -70.202186
Brandeis University: 42.366239, -71.258548
Cornell University: 42.453449, -76.473503
Princeton University: 40.343989, -74.651448
Stanford University: 37.427475, -122.169719
Baylor University: 31.549841, -97.114315
Boston University: 42.350500, -71.105399
Butler University: 39.840339, -86.171332
Central Michigan University: 43.591213, -84.775193
Claremont McKenna College: 34.101777, -117.707922
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Bates College
No upcoming events.
Bates College, Andrews Road, Lewiston, ME
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Baylor University
No upcoming events.
Baylor University, South University Parks Drive, Waco, TX
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Boston University
No upcoming events.
Boston University, Boston, MA
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Brandeis University
No upcoming events.
Brandeis University, South Street, Waltham, MA
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Butler University
No upcoming events.
Butler University, Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
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Central Michigan University
No upcoming events.
Central Michigan University, South Franklin Street, Mount Pleasant, MI
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Claremont McKenna College
No upcoming events.
Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA
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Columbia University
No upcoming events.
Columbia University, New York, NY
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Cornell University
No upcoming events.
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
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Duke University
Duke Career Fair
Thursday, January 19th, 2017
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

117 Wilson Center, Durham, NC 27708
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