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Team Belvedere offers a competitive, comprehensive benefits package, semi-annual performance bonuses, a casual work environment, and the satisfaction of working in a team environment where job functions are shared and ever-changing. At Belvedere Trading, we encourage all team members to play an integral part in the creative process. Furthermore, we strive to achieve successful technical implementations by utilizing our human and electronic resources. As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry, as well as to be a key player in the company's success.

We offer comprehensive full-time career programs in each of our positions:

Junior Trader | Junior Hybrid Trader

Software Engineer | Product Analyst 


Junior Trader

Junior Traders work alongside experienced traders and managing partners to develop critical communication and decision-making skills to help contribute to our trading operations, whilst gaining valuable experience with several product groups. Through these experiences we see Junior Traders transition into Trader roles between 9 and 12 months. Our Junior Traders: 

Photo of two people trading. One works at a standing desk. A sign indicating this is the “softs, ags, and meats" desk is in the foreground.
  • Engage in continuous, hands-on training that includes education on option valuation, hedging, portfolio analysis, and mock trading through our Belvedere Trading University Program.

  • Assist with order execution, position management, trading checking, and trade reconciliations.

  • Rotate between product groups to gain a broad perspective of the marketplace.

  • Communicate with technology team members to enhance trading software.


Junior Hybrid Trader

Junior Hybrid Traders are assigned to specific tech and trading desks during their first 18-24 months on a rotational basis and expected to quickly learn the critical aspects of option pricing both in terms of risk and how our technology works. Throughout the rotational period we work with our Hybrids to customize their experience, eventually leading to a permanent role as a trader, Quantitative Analyst, or a high-powered developer. Our Junior Hybrid Traders: 

  • Engage in continuous, hands-on training that includes education on option valuation, game theory, hedging, portfolio analysis, and simulated trading games through our Belvedere Trading University Program.

  • Assist with order execution, position management, desk strategy meetings, trade checking, and trade reconciliations.

  • Rotate between trading and technology desks to gain an in-depth perspective of the marketplace and our technologies.

  • Communicate with technology team members to enhance trading software.

  • Learn basics of designing, implementing, and testing enterprise software.

  • Develop strong architecture and development skills.

  • Lead and participate in special projects that enhance trader-facing technologies.

A photo of an open office environment. Two women work in stylish chairs while two people in the background collaborate at a high table.
A woman trades at her desk.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers develop and enhance our proprietary trading software platforms that our traders use every day. Our engineers participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from system architecture and design to testing to deployment using a fast-paced, agile methodology. Working in a collaborative, small team environment encourages constant learning and innovation at every level from entry-level positions to the CTO. Our Software Engineers: 

  • Design, implement, and debug complex trading applications.

  • Work with team members to ensure that our software meets requirements and is testable.

  • Rotate bi-annually across technology teams to gain exposure to different facets of our software and hone new skills as a developer.

  • Coordinate with Product Managers and Team Leads to plan sprints within our scrum-derived agile environment.



Product Analysts are responsible for working directly with traders and software development teams to identify issues and improvements with our proprietary software. PAs will define project requirements and prioritize workflows from data-driven decisions in order to further refine and improve the business value of our systems. Our PAs are involved with each project from inception to completion by communicating daily with the software development team to ensure each project is successfully deployed to the traders. Our Product Analysts: 

  • Work with traders to identify and document trading application issues and improvements and act as first point of contact for the traders after new features are deployed.

  • Prioritize project scope and workflow for software development teams.

  • Communicate effectively with developers, traders, and product owners.

  • Collaborate with Business Insights to use data to drive projects decisions and increase business value.


quantitative analysts

Options Volatility Quantitative Analysts use quantitative models to engage in economic analysis and employ large data sets to assess the trading markets. As a part of our quantitative research analyst group, our quants develop, validate and implement these strategies by applying econometrics, statistics and stochastic modeling techniques to financial data. Our Quantitative Analysts: 

  • Design and develop statistical models of financial data to devise and back test trading strategies.

  • Run tactical tests for traders and massive grid computing.

  • Understand and work on issues ranging from methodology and technology questions, to new functionality, features and enhancement requests to present and futures business needs and requirements.

  • Research and interpret academic literature on related finance and accounting subjects.

  • Generate ideas for quantitative equity strategies related to stock market effects, financial statements, market microstructure, and other subtle marketplace changes.


join our team

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Belvedere Trading combines world-class training programs, a culture of mentorship, and sophisticated theoretical models with the collective experience of its partners and team members. This support network, combined with a commitment to excellence, produces an ideal environment for creating successful traders and technology innovators. We believe that the continued success of our firm depends upon the ongoing education of our team members, the perpetual integration of our cutting edge technology, and the implementation of our unique trading strategies. Belvedere is always looking for exceptionally talented individuals that have a strong desire to succeed in the fast paced, ever changing trading industry for both internship and full-time careers.

Our programs, both at the full-time and internship level, build on a foundation laid by our Belvedere Trading University education and Mentorship program, ensuring mastery early on in a teammate's tenure.  Low levels of turnover reinforce the emphasis placed on culture and satisfaction, further solidifying Belvedere’s team based approach to trading and development.

Recruitment processes for both full-time and summer internship positions begin annually in July. Full-time hires will join the team mid-summer following graduation and intern hires will start their 10-week internship the following June. For winter internships, the recruiting process begins in April for a start date of the following January. 

We offer comprehensive internship programs in each of our positions:

Junior Trader | Junior Hybrid Trader | Software Engineer  




  • Immersive trading desk rotations on commodity and index products with weekly on-desk assignments.

  • Full BTU schedule including coursework in Trading Operations Basics, Core Theory, Applications, and Mock Trading.

  • Team based research project with opportunity to present findings to Managing Partners and Senior Traders.

  • Participation in highly competitive Intern Olympics event with the full trading intern class.



part of the team

Interns receive a host of great benefits over their 10-week tenure. Click below to learn more about what BT offers.


  • Immersive trading desk rotation on commodity or index product with weekly on-desk assignments.

  • Technology rotation to work on a Hybrid team-based quantitative research project.

  • Full BTU schedule including coursework in both trading and technology course sequences.

  • Participation in highly competitive Intern Olympics event with the full trading intern class.



  • Well isolated development project that will be pushed into production by the conclusion of the internship.

  • Direct interaction with experienced developers through daily stand-up meetings, project work, and periodic design meetings.

  • Full BTU schedule including coursework in software development concepts, Belvedere’s systems, and Core Theory for Tech.

  • Participation in highly competitive Intern Olympics event with full Software Engineer intern class.



  • Project guiding interns through the full project life-cycle from defining requirements through deployment and trader testing and training.

  • Direct interaction with experienced Product Managers, Product Analysts, Traders, and Software Engineers through daily stand-up meetings, PE/PO meetings, and weekly deployments.

  • Full BTU schedule including coursework in Belvedere’s development environment, Belvedere’s systems, and Core Theory for Tech.

  • Option to participate in highly competitive Intern Olympics event with full Software Engineer and Product Analyst intern class.


  • Provide engineering support to our hardware team and assist with project that will optimize our option market making systems.

  • Direct interaction with FPGA team, project managers, and team leadership to plan work, create new features, improve team productivity, and participate in code review.

  • Full BTU schedule including coursework in software development concepts, Belvedere’s systems, and Core Theory courses.

  • Participation in highly competitive Intern Olympics event with full Software Engineer and Product Analyst intern class.


it pays to intern

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Our internship programs provide a 10-week deep dive into what life looks like as a full-time member of Team Belvedere, including the type of projects interns work on. We don’t believe in “busy work” at Belvedere and provide our interns with meaningful learning experiences that are mutually beneficial. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone so we encourage all of our interns, as well as full-time teammates, to take a passionate interest in promoting, within their team environment, those solutions they feel strongly about. Through a mid-term and final review process that mirrors our mid-year and year-end reviews on the full-time level, we proactively track intern feedback and performance with the intention that, if a mutual fit exists, our interns will join us the next year as full-time team members.

We model our programs to include similar components across positions that are carefully tailored to the individual role as well as the current needs of the firm. The main components of our program are our intern’s week-to-week experiences and a project portion.

Belvedere Trading_Groups_20_03.jpg

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Throughout this 10-week process, interns get to meet full-time team members firm-wide that work with many different elements of our business and systems. The training that interns go through is similar to the early stages of the new-hire on-boarding process, and proves to be an advantage to interns who come and join us full-time. As the internship goes on, the day-to-day experience shifts away from BTU and towards working towards each group’s respective project milestones. 

Project specifications, including research topics and programming languages used, have varied from year to year, but three themes remain: interns are given a good deal of responsibility throughout the internship, interns receive ample guidance and mentorship throughout the process, and interns are treated as important, valued members of Team Belvedere. Working at Belvedere is a fun, collaborative experience, and full-time teammates are very willing to get to know each intern class and provide help whenever possible.

In addition to meaningful work, interns also enjoy a host of benefits in addition to salary and a discretionary bonus, including, summer housing assistance, intern specific and firm-wide events, a free Divvy Bike membership, and access to our in-office perks.



Live a day in the life with Team Belvedere.

Belvedere Trading’s externship program is a great way for underclassmen students to learn more about the proprietary trading and technology industry, while gaining a valuable understanding of where their career interests lie. The one-day job shadowing opportunity can help students early in their academic program learn about internship and full-time positions available at our firm as well as what to expect going through the on-campus recruitment process in the future.


A FEW WORDS from our externs ...

Thanks to this experience, I felt comfortable asking all my burning questions about life as a trader. Having engaged with so many of Belvedere’s employees firsthand, I think I understand the firm’s culture to a degree I could not have obtained from reading brochures, attending info sessions, or browsing Wall Street Oasis.

At Belvedere Trading, our externs have the opportunity to gain first-hand insight into our trading and technology operations during their one-day shadowing opportunity. An extern will spend the morning learning more about the firm and our unique roles including our Junior Trader, Junior Hybrid Trader, Software Engineer, and Product Analyst positions.

They will spend the rest of the externship with one of our ten technology teams and rotating between our electronic trading desks. Through interaction and observation, externs gain a firsthand understanding of how our technology teams work directly with our trading teams to invent and improve our proprietary software, all while witnessing the teamwork and open communication that contributes to our unique company culture.

The formal application process for our externship program begins in December, with applications accepted and reviewed through early January, and mirrors our full-time and internship process. While it is an educational program, the process is competitive, where major, strength of program, GPA, and demonstrated interest in the industry are heavily considered in extern selection. Our externships typically take place over spring break for most academic institutions.

our 2019 program is filled!

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Belvedere Trading values our partnerships with top universities throughout the U.S. and welcomes the opportunity to engage with students and foster a better understanding of the trading industry through speaking events, school visits and office tours. We will be recruiting on campus again this academic year (check out the calendar for full list of events and dates), and interested students are encouraged to attend their campus’s career fairs, information sessions and apply for open positions. Don’t forget, early submissions are always encouraged as applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Want Team Belvedere to come to your campus? Send us a request below! 

While we're slowly mastering the art of being multiple places at once we're not always able to make it to every fair and on-campus event. Not to worry if you don’t see your school on the calendar—all students are eligible to apply directly through our Careers Page