Ask Team Belvedere: Your Questions Answered

On Team Belvedere, we value transparency in our hiring process. Below you’ll find some of the most asked questions on campus along with their answers to ensure that when it comes to process, you’re never left in the dark. 

What is the difference between a Junior trader and a Junior Hybrid trader?

Both Junior Traders and Junior Hybrid Traders work on our trading desks, however, our Junior Hybrid Traders also have a strong background in computer science and will participate in a rotational program on our technology side. Our Hybrids will assist in quantitative research projects that are used to make improvements to our options model, proprietary software, and trading operations. This rotational program typically lasts between 18-24 months for Hybrids and provides opportunity to gain an extensive understanding of the marketplace and our technologies.

What about on the intern level? 

For interns, the qualifications we’re looking for remain the same, however, instead of an 18-24-month timeline our programs last for 10 weeks. Our Junior Trader interns will rotate between 2 of our product desks spending approximately 5-6 weeks on one and the remaining on the other, while Junior Hybrid Trader interns will spend the first half of the internship on a trading desk and the second half working on a quantitative research project on the tech side of the business. Both roles are enrolled in BTU courses throughout the internship.

What is the difference between a Junior hybrid trader and a software engineer? 

While they both work on our technology teams, Junior Hybrid Traders and Software Engineers serve different functions. Our Software Engineers are the builders of our proprietary software applications and work exclusively on the technology side of the business whereas our Hybrids will rotate between trading our products and working with our technology teams on projects with a more quantitative focus. 

Learn more about each of our full-time and internship programs here

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Can I apply to multiple positions?  

Often students find themselves torn between multiple positions of interest. In efforts to streamline the process, we request that candidates only apply to the on-campus role they are most interested in and best qualified for. We have an active hand in guiding the application and interview process to determine which position may be the best fit based on a candidate’s skill set. 

When do you recruit interns?

Our full time and internships positions go live on our website in early July for a start date the following summer. Typically, first round interviews will begin in August with final round interviews beginning in September. Applications for both full time and internship positions are accepted on a rolling basis so early application is encouraged.

What about externs?

Our extern position will be posted on our website as well as on campus job boards in early December. Applications are accepted and reviewed through early January. Our externships classes are typically selected by the beginning of February and take place over spring break for most academic institutions.

What does your hiring process look like?

First step is applying! All positions must be applied for directly through our careers page – the link to each position will be posted on individual campus job boards. Once the application is submitted and after passing a resume review, candidates will be given an online technical assessment that corresponds with the skills we’re looking for in each individual position. If the candidate passes that stage they will have a virtual interview with one of our team members. The final step is an interview in our office in Chicago where candidates will meet with various members of our team and enjoy a reception to get to know Team Belvedere in a more relaxed setting. We can usually then make our decision and inform the candidate within a few weeks’ time.

What do you look for in a successful applicant?

In an applicant, we value a dedication to teamwork. Across Team Belvedere everyone works in teams, therefore, it is important to know how to work effectively as a team and how to be a good team member. We also value an entrepreneurial spirit. The industry is constantly changing and being able to have and voice new ideas is how we continue to advance. In addition, we look for someone who is competitive, coachable and adaptable, eager to learn, and has a genuine interest in the financial industry.

On a resume, we look primarily for the strength of program, major and GPA in relation to the role being applied for. We also look for an indication of interest in the financial markets, which can be shown through various clubs you belong to or competitions you have been involved in. Additionally, we look for proper formatting and grammar because those types of attention to detail are important.

Do you offer sponsorship?

Sponsorship of candidates depends based upon the specific position. All sponsorship requirements will be listed on open positions.

Do you hire first and second year students?

For our internships, we look for third year students. We do this because we consider our internship program essentially as a 10-week interview process. Our hope is that after the internship there will be a mutual fit for a full time role after graduation. We do have externships that are available to students in the first and second years of their programs. Learn more about Belvedere Trading’s externship program here.

What if I don’t see Belvedere at my university’s career fair? Can I still apply?

Absolutely! Applications are encouraged from students at all universities and we accept and review applications on a rolling basis. While we’re still trying to master being in two places at once it’s difficult to make it to every career fair, however, we update our on-campus event schedule frequently. Be sure to check back here for new events on your campus.

Where can I learn more about Belvedere and the proprietary trading and technology industry?

There are many places to learn more about us and what we do. Check out our technology blog here. Visit us on campus. Stay on top of the industry with recommended reading from our team. Follow us on LinkedIn.   


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