Software Engineering

At Belvedere, our software developers are resourceful and pragmatic individuals that are one of many driving forces behind our success. They enable our traders to quickly and efficiently capture arbitrage opportunities by maintaining a low latency, high-performance trading system. Our developers communicate and design effectively, while adeptly building and continually enhancing our technology platform.

The specific job of Software Engineers varies greatly between each employee. Some are working on creating non-trading software, creating automation, writing database scripts, or creating the actual trading software. The types of software development could consist of low level exchange messaging, complex option pricing algorithms, or automating the creation of a new product.

Quality Assurance

In the trading industry the opportunity cost of downtime can be enormous. As a result Belvedere puts a strong emphasis on software quality. This is important because a poorly tested piece of proprietary software could, within seconds, have a very negative effect upon the profit and loss of the company. Therefore we’ve dedicated a team of professionals to ensure quality from the onset of a project.

Business Analysts

The primary role of the Business Analysts is to bridge the gap between our customers (Traders) and the development teams. A key role of this team is to play an integral part in bringing the company’s ideas to fruition. We emphasize the importance of communication throughout the implementation process. Moreover, the Business Analysts cultivates this communication along every step from idea generation to quality assurance to deployment.

 Project Managers

Project Managers are responsible for keeping our Agile software development processes running smoothly and efficiently. Their roles and responsibilities range from strategic planning, to implementing process improvements, to oversight of daily development activities.