Technology Training (BTU)

Developing Skills

At Belvedere, we strive to keep our employees up to date on the latest technology and trading software through:

  • Intensive week-long training courses on our unique systems to improve workflow
  • Weekly meetings where a team member (or members) presents their recent work to the whole tech team
  • Frequent and open collaboration between employees in small break-out rooms throughout the office where team members will sketch out designs and work through problems as a group on a white board
  • Flat hierarchy where employees are encouraged to speak with anyone about any part of our business
  • Team-based assessment including constant dialogue with skilled developers, taking part in code reviews and active discussion of system architecture


Advanced Training

Belvedere Trading believes that education should extend beyond an employee’s initial training period, therefore, we provide additional courses for continued personal development. We offer advanced theory classes for our more experienced traders as well as further enrichment opportunities for technology employees looking to enhance their skill set beyond their current position.