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Belvedere’s trading teams provide liquidity to the marketplace through their market making activities – providing two-sided quotes at which we are willing to purchase or sell derivatives. Market making at Belvedere occurs through a range of methods, giving us the ability to capitalize on a wide variety of opportunities presented each trading day. Every product team utilizes a combination of trading strategies, including various methods of trade execution, providing market liquidity to multiple electronic exchanges across the world.   No matter the method by which trades are executed, our proprietary modeling and pricing technology is continually updated to keep us highly competitive in an ever changing global marketplace.

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US and Foreign Indices

Interest Rates





Trading at BT is constantly evolving and always a test of discipline and decision making under uncertainty. The environment is competitive and everyone is continually working to make themselves and their team more successful.

Through our team-based approach to trading, we are able to dedicate resources not only to diversifying the methods we use to trade, but also to developing and honing the talent of our team members through observation, extensive on-desk training and education, and mentorship from traders at all levels. Our rotational program exposes Junior Traders and beyond to a variety of equity index, interest rate, and commodity products in order to gain a broad perspective of the marketplace. Periodic rotation between products allows our traders to further refine high level decision making skills and develop extensive knowledge of trading and risk management strategies.

Belvedere’s past and current success in each of our product groups allows us to continue to expand to new instruments and marketplaces on both a domestic and global level. As advanced technologies evolve and become a greater part of the trading industry every day, Belvedere’s in-house technology department ensures that our traders successfully compete in the existing marketplace and are well prepared for the marketplace of the future.