Market Making

Traders at Belvedere Trading provide liquidity to the market through their market making activities.  We provide two-sided quotes at which we are willing to purchase or sell derivatives.  This market making activity can occur through open outcry on the trading floor, through voice or instant message communication with a broker, or in an electronic capacity.  In some products, Belvedere provides continuous streaming quotes to the electronic marketplace.  Our proprietary modeling and pricing technology is constantly updated to keep Belvedere competitive in an ever changing market.

Belvedere currently trades products spanning a diverse set of commodity, interest rate, exchange traded fund (ETF), and equity index options.  Our past success in each of these product groups allows us to continue to expand to new instruments and marketplaces every year.  As market making continues to shift away from the conventional open outcry model, Belvedere’s in-house technology department ensures that our traders successfully compete in the existing marketplace and are prepared for the marketplace of the future.