Be Well Belvedere logo. Be well is in handwriting script while Belvedere is in more formal text found in the Belvedere Trading logo.

Be Well Belvedere is a voluntary, incentive-driven wellness program offered in order to assist our teammates in leading stronger, healthier lives both personally and professionally. Belvedere is proud to support its members in reaching their personal health goals, whatever they may be, by providing: 


Yoga mats in a conference room.

in-office yoga & Fitness

Practice your asanas and release the week's stress beside your coworkers each Tuesday at 5:00 PM.

Need a quick grounding and refocus during the work day? Roll out a mat next to your desk for a quick re-centering session.

Team Belvedere with hands in the center of a huddle wearing Urban Initiatives t-shirts in preparation for a charity dodgeball tournament.

intramural sports

From dodgeball, to ultimate frisbee, chess, to our reigning champion kickball team, you name it, we'll play it at Belvedere.

Not an athlete? Our intramural teams are as much about the social as they are the sport. Spectators, fans, and cheerleaders are always welcome and encouraged!

A woman stores her bike in the in-office bike storage room.

 incentive driven wellness

We bring our competitive drive into everything we do, including our commitment to wellness.

From bringing a healthy lunch, riding your bike to work, or participating in firm-sponsored tournaments and 5Ks, we reward those who go above and beyond to reach their wellness goals.