Share individually in the success of the company | Expect merit-based responsibilities | Balance high expectations with a fun work environment


Belvedere team members work hard, and are appreciated first and foremost for their contributions to the firm and each other.  We believe in the absence of barriers to communication, strong encouragement of work-life balance, and the maintenance of our small company culture as we continue to grow in numbers.

In order to further cultivate camaraderie and teamwork within the firm, we have a casual dress code, host company-wide social events, including celebrating important milestones together, support various charities throughout the year, and encourage all teammates to participate in building a culture that represents them and their interests.


What good is being successful if you don’t have the time to enjoy it?



Belvedere thrives through our culture that rewards and empowers team member voice, choice, and well-being. With the foundation of our Culture Committee, volunteers across the firm support Team Belvedere’s thriving culture and ownership mentality through implementing and planning exciting and impactful social events and fringe benefits.

Belvedere Trading Women's Initiative

The Women’s Initiative’s aim is to provide a community of mentorship, camaraderie, leadership, and career development for the women of Belvedere Trading. Furthermore, the Women’s Initiative’s goals are to embody our core values through: 

Team Belvedere

Providing opportunities for the women in our community to make meaningful connections


Empowering all team members to assertively participate and contribute their ideas

own it  |  me in team

Developing leadership, networking, and professional skill building through speakers, seminars, and workshops

Iterative Innovation

Creating a group that’s self-sustaining and constantly improving to achieve our mission statement


Be Well Belvedere is a voluntary, incentive-driven wellness program offered in order to assist our teammates in leading stronger, healthier lives both personally and professionally. Belvedere is proud to support its members in reaching their personal health goals, whatever they may be, by providing: 



in-office yoga & Fitness

Practice your asanas and release the week's stress beside your coworkers each Tuesday at 5:00 PM.
Need a quick grounding and refocus during the work day?  Roll out a mat next to your desk for a quick re-centering session. 

intramural sports

From dodgeball, to ultimate frisbee, chess, to our reigning champion kickball team, you name it, we'll play it at Belvedere. 
Not an athlete? Our intramural teams are as much about the social as they are the sport. Spectators, fans, and cheerleaders are always welcome and encouraged!

 incentive driven wellness

We bring our competitive drive into everything we do, including our commitment to wellness.
From bringing a healthy lunch, riding your bike to work, or participating in firm-sponsored tournaments and 5Ks, we reward those who go above and beyond to reach their wellness goals. 



Belvedere Cares takes a two-pronged approach to charitable initiatives through our Team Belvedere Cares as well as through our Belvedere Cares Foundation.  Team Belvedere Cares focuses on options that encourage, enable and support team members to make an impact in efforts they personally feel impassioned by through community events, flexible schedules, and financial matching programs.  The Belvedere Cares Foundation supports well vetted, long term community partnerships that promote the mission of the Belvedere Cares Foundation.  Belvedere’s charitable initiatives are managed by a committee comprised of members of Team Belvedere who seek to make contributions outside of their core role.

Belvedere Cares is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the Chicagoland community by supporting local educational initiatives focused on grades K-12, and by supporting health care initiatives with an emphasis on those that provide care or access to care to medically underserved populations.



Philanthropic Partnerships

Belvedere Cares currently supports a variety of nonprofit organizations.  In our future partnerships, we will pursue organizations that are managed efficiently, will benefit most from our contributions, and that are seeking a long-term relationship.  A key attribute of our partners is that their objectives align both with Belvedere Cares’ mission and Belvedere Trading’s core values.  Programs that we support will be evaluated using quantifiable metrics that allow measurement of the effectiveness of the organization’s operations and outcomes.  We also aim to extend our contributions beyond financial assistance by seeking partners who can benefit from Team Belvedere’s volunteerism.  Belvedere Cares currently partners with the following charities, and as Belvedere Cares is in its relative infancy, we expect to see this list grow over time.



At Belvedere Trading, we recognize that all members of Team Belvedere have causes and charities that are most near and dear to them.  In alignment with our core values, we encourage every team member to continue to pursue these causes and charities.  In order to accomplish this, a key component of Belvedere Cares is a matching program that is available to all members of Team Belvedere.  The list below represents a sampling of the diverse causes that Belvedere Cares has supported through our matching program: