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Because of our commitment to the ongoing development of Team Belvedere, and to ensure our team members are continually learning about the most innovative technologies and trading strategies, Belvedere Trading has created Belvedere Trading University, more simply known as BTU.

To provide a structured curriculum to educate new team members and facilitate continuous learning for team members of ALL tenures, experience levels, and ability.


Operations Analyst Basics

The Operations Analyst Basics BTU program is designed to instill a comprehensive understanding of a trader’s daily roles and responsibilities, including usage of proprietary and external tools, as well as industry vocabulary necessary for success. 


Mock Trading

Mock Trading gives students hands-on experience in a true-to-life simulated trading environment, with the guidance of more experienced traders. 



The Belvedere Applications program introduces Trader Trainees to all of the Belvedere software, as well as the responsibilities associated with an electronic trading position. 


Core Theory

An introduction for new Trader Trainees and TOAs to the fundamentals of the trading industry, including market making, trading practices, industry standards and Belvedere Trading's company history. 


Tech for Traders

An introduction for new Trader Trainees and TOAs to the processes, systems and concepts utilized by the Belvedere technology teams. 


Advanced Theory

The goal of Advanced Theory is to provide Volatility Managers and Senior Traders with a comprehensive, advanced level of theory discussion and comprehension, as it pertains specifically to the Belvedere Model of proprietary trading.


The Process course seeks to educate new team members on the theoretical aspects of agile and the practical implementation of Belvedere's project management processes. 


Dev 201

Dev 201 provides developers with the knowledge of how to work in our different programming languages and environments and with our development standards.  


Unit Testing

Unit Testing teaches the best and common practices for unit tests in all 3 main languages at Belvedere (C#/C++/Python). 


Development Environment

Through this course, students become fluent with the git/gerrit version control system, develop firm understanding of networking basics and gain a comprehensive overview of the Belvedere development and production environment.


Linux 101

Linux 101 is intended to give students a fully functional background in Linux, with a balance of theoretical information, history of its development, and practical application.  


Systems Training

The BTU System Training course is a comprehensive program of study designed to give all technology team members a high level overview of Belvedere’s systems and industry. 


Core Theory for Tech

This course covers an abbreviated version of our Core Theory curriculum for traders, and aims to educate technology team members on the fundamentals of option trading theory, including market making, option basics, risk measurements, and trading vocabulary.