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Athletes, Mathletes, and Everyone in Between...

A view of one of the trading pods (or group of desks) in the Belvedere office. Some employees work in tables in the center while others sit at their desks around the perimeter.

In March of 2002, Belvedere Trading emerged as Chicago’s newest market makers, soon to join the ranks of the Windy City’s elite proprietary trading firms. Armed with printouts of Excel workbooks and a team of eager minds, Belvedere established their place in the SPX pit on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

From the beginning, we began iteratively investing in our proprietary technology, first building our options model, then adapting it to work on a handheld computer, then committing to building our software systems from the ground up. Due to our ultramodern proprietary technology and risk management capabilities, Belvedere is able to quickly capitalize on inefficiencies in the marketplace.  Our trading models and software systems are continually re-engineered, optimized, and maintained to stay on top of the industry.

To invest in the continuous improvement of our skills and technologies in order to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities in an ever-changing global marketplace.
— Mission Statement
Two people collaborating in an open office environment. One sits at the desk while the other stands beside him so they may work together.

Belvedere Trading’s success and rapid growth are the direct results of our market experience, commitment to our mission and values, and relentless focus on the training and development of our team members. We attract an amazing caliber of diverse people; our team is comprised of over 200 individuals and we are actively expanding year over year.

Since our inception, Team Belvedere has enjoyed low turnover and high referral rates due to our distinctive working atmosphere, well defined company culture, and high levels of entrepreneurship and empowerment. Our aggressive drive for efficiency, unique trading techniques, use of cutting edge technology, and most importantly, talented people, make us confident of our continued growth and success. Belvedere Trading continually looks forward to further expansion and facing the opportunities and challenges that the evolving financial markets will bring.



How We Organize Ourselves

Our Operating System

Belvedere Trading uses an operational process model, known as the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). The model is broken down into 6 major components: Vision, Traction, Data, Issues, People and Process. These components have been integrated at Belvedere to create clear accountabilities between teams, standardize the way in which we address and solve issues, and increase the transparency of company vision. EOS is engrained into the culture of Belvedere from how we work to how we speak.

Accountability Chart

To this day, Belvedere still acts much more like a start-up, meaning we are a very flat organization and thrive on cross-functional collaboration. We don’t have an org chart. We aren’t that type of company and unnecessary corporate hierarchy isn’t important to us. What is important to us is that it is clear who is accountable for what across the company, and therefore we do have an accountability chart.

Our accountability chart clearly identifies each person at the company with their core accountabilities, or things that they have ownership over, right next to their name. While our accountability chart might look like an org chart to some, they are not to be confused with each other. The accountability chart is in place to help Belvedere run in the most efficient way possible by providing clarity of accountability and thereby reducing (and hopefully eliminating) bottlenecks.